Our aim is to achieve the vision of Digital India, where every Indian is digitally empowered and every information is digitally available. Dhuria is an organization working on no profit no loss in the field of Digitization.


Digital Education

With passage of time, the education system all over the world has gone through a dramatic change. The traditional education system no longer fulfills the modern day complex needs where everything is dynamic and evolving at a very fast pace. There is a huge amount of transformation that takes place in the present world in every nanosecond. Therefore, a new and modern way of education is required to handle such transformation arising as a result of creation of huge amount of information in a systematic manner. Thus, to resolve the shortcomings of the traditional education system, the world is moving towards digital education which addresses all the issues and challenges of traditional education. Digital Education can be defined as the use of a combination of technology, digital content and instruction in the education system to make it more effective and efficient than the traditional education system

We have done many researches in this area & prepare such products & services to provide a complete digital education pack for every student in India.

Easy Online Exam Platform

Comparability refers to the commonality of score meaning across testing conditions including delivery modes, computer platforms, and scoring presentation. As state education agencies introduce online tests and online scoring of constructed-response questions, score comparability becomes important. For example, it should be a matter of indifference to the examinee whether the test is administered on computer or paper, or whether it is taken on a large-screen display or a small one.

We are providing an excellent interface for conducting online Exam at every level of education securely & fairly.

Document Digitization

Digital Libraries are being created today for diverse communities and in different fields e.g. education, science, culture, development, health, governance and so on. With the availability of several free digital Library software packages at the recent time, the creation and sharing of information through the digital library collections has become an attractive and feasible proposition for library and information professionals around the world.

Library automation has helped to provide easy access to collections through the use of computerized library catalogue such as On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Digital libraries differ significantly from the traditional libraries because they allow users to gain an on-line access to and work with the electronic versions of full text documents and their associated images.

We have an organized team for completion of tenders for digitization of documents for Government /private offices & preparing digital libraries.

Smart Offices/Houses

Nowadays computing technology research is focused on the development of Smart Environments. Following that line of thought several Smart Rooms projects were developed and their appliances are very diversified. The appliances include projects in the context of workplace or everyday living, entertainment, play and education. These appliances envisage to acquire and apply knowledge about the environment state in order to reason about it so as to define a desired state for its inhabitants and perform adaptation to these desires and therefore improving their involvement and satisfaction with that environment

Today in India Smart Houses & offices are basic requirement. We are providing services of Smart houses & offices in an easy & cost effective pattern. Our platform has done many researches for providing the better services in least time with least cost.